Vulture: How Cats Changed Broadway (Now and) Forever
Posted by: Ncassidine 01:22 pm EST 12/05/19

"Cats played that first preview with no money in the till. But as word of mouth spread through London, ticket sales spiked. Anthony Pye-Jeary, a DeWynters executive, saw all those theatergoers milling around the lobby at intermission and had an idea. T-shirts with the Cats logo had been made for the cast and crew. There were plenty left. Why not set up a little stall in the lobby and sell them? “It was extraordinary,” Pye-Jeary said. “People were just throwing money at me.” Mackintosh and Lloyd Webber stood at the top of a staircase in the New London and counted the number of theatergoers waiting in line to buy the T-shirt. Lloyd Webber’s wife looked at them and saw pound signs in their eyes. (The only T-shirt that outsold Cats in the 1980s was the Hard Rock Café’s.)"
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