Is it weird to want to see a play a LOT, like 9 times or more?
Posted by: skittalion 09:52 pm EST 12/05/19

So, this has never happened to me before, but I saw a play and then I saw it 9 times, and I probably want to go see it more, but it's a small theater, where the whole cast, crew, etc, all know that I have been to see it a LOT, and one girl even said "it's so expensive you should probably stop seeing it".. and like, if I had known I had wanted to see it so much at the time I probably wouldn't have ever spoken to anyone, but anyways... how weird is it? Has this ever happened to anyone? Also, a famous person is in the play, and now I've become paranoid about the whole deal, I have never spoken to the famous person except like two sentences and I feel like I'm being rude at this point, maybe, although I haven't encountered that person in awhile... again, small theater. I'm not a stage door person, I tried that and I honestly don't get it, but I feel so paranoid about being seen seeing the play so many times, that it's definitely making it harder and harder to go back, because I think a lot of people are speculating about what I'm doing there. Also, I then asked if I could listen to the play on headphones, because I'm trying to write my own script and whenever I see the play I feel like I know what I want to say, but by the time I get home to type it... it's gone, so I listened to the play and I feel like I got the part I had wanted to get, but I guess it was super weird to ask because the house manager made a general statement to me about how they could never let me do that again, so embarrassing, it was hard to ask in the first place. Everyone there is perfectly polite although mostly the people don't talk to me, and I feel weird about the whole situation, but also... the play won't run much longer and when I see it I feel like.... like a special way I feel when I connect to certain pieces of art... and I probably want to see it again, or as many times as I can afford to, which is a lot... but I also don't want people sort of .... u know feeling uncomfortable around me or... talking about what I'm doing there without including me in the conversation. Am I strange? Is my desire to see the play repeatedly weird? Has anyone else out there ever wanted to see something so many times?

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