re: Is it weird to want to see a play a LOT, like 9 times or more?
Posted by: winters 06:50 am EST 12/06/19
In reply to: Is it weird to want to see a play a LOT, like 9 times or more? - skittalion 09:52 pm EST 12/05/19

Most of the people on this site have probably seen things more then that.

Recent article in the New York Times interviewing a woman who has seen the current Oklahoma better then 50 times. She is called a “super fan.” Read it when you get a chance.

Me? Saw the original production of A Little Night Music about 40 times plus second acting. Thank you Mr. Prince for $2 balcony seats for this then college student.

Used to wait at the stage door more frequently. Before barricades and crazy security. I didn’t bother people, I just wanted to show the people involved how much I appreciated the work they were doing.

Became a huge fan of Glynis Johns. Second acting meant I could see her sing Send In The Clowns countless times. I was on the college newspaper arts department and tried to get to interview Ms. Johns. Had to “settle” for interviewing Hermoine Gingold. In the early 1970’s getting my paper to print the interview during those ‘hip’ times was no easy task. She wasn’t relevant to the scene, whatever that meant. The best part of the interview in Ms. Gingold’s dressing room was that Ms. Johns interrupted us. “Hermoine, say a quick hello to Anne and Todd.” I still get goosebumps thinking about how a then 17 year old felt. Still have a cassette recording of the interview.

Weird? To some I suppose so. I knew that there was something magical about that production and those performances. As live theater, every performance was different. It’s not like watching a movie or listening to music on a loop. There are people that view particular particular holiday films every year. That’s not considered unusual. With live theater, that’s not an option.

I suppose that there is some psycho-something or another that causes people to repeat things that give them satisfaction, but if you still get something out of going back, well, why not?

I don’t understand what you meant with the headphones. Hearing it better? Sure. Recording it? Not allowed.

BTW. Recently got friended by Larry Guittard on Facebook. He said that the number of my viewings of ALNM was above and beyond, but he was glad that he could bring that satisfaction.

Also. There is a woman on a FB page that I follow who has seen things hundreds of times. Nine times doesn’t seem like so many.

I’ll finish with this. Mr. Guittard recently turned 80 and Ms Johns, 96. Time flies by. Theater is fleeting. If you want to go back to a performance then go. You will never regret having gone, only having missed out.

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