Who cares if it's weird or not?
Posted by: Hair 01:20 pm EST 12/06/19
In reply to: Is it weird to want to see a play a LOT, like 9 times or more? - skittalion 09:52 pm EST 12/05/19

You do what makes you happy.

Remember that old saying "What other people think of me is none of my business" In reality, most people are so busy living their own lives they probably don't even notice you've seen it nine times or notice it but don't really give it a lot of thought

I was reading a thread on twitter yesterday about people liking to watch the same movie or TV show over and over again. To people with anxiety or social awkwardness the repetition and knowing what was coming was very calming. One person talked about how their child liked to be read the same story EVERY NIGHT at bedtime. FOR YEARS!

Since videos came around people have been watching movies over and over and over again. Why not do it with theater, where it actually IS different each night?

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