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Mine would probably be:

#1 Cabaret
#2 Kiss of the Spiderwoman*
#3 Chicago* (obviously Chicago has made a vastly bigger impact than Spider, and I think both a brilliant and pretty perfect, but I get much more out of Spiderowman than I do Chicago, and I think it's a much more layered and interesting musical)
#4 Zorba
#5 The Visit**
#6 The Scottsboro Boys** (i don't know if The Visit is better, I just connected with it more)

***after the top 6 (or even 4) my rankings are not as confident, so I'll just list in the order I think I'd put them***

Flora the Red Menace
70, Girls, 70***
The Rink*** (I just adore the score to 70 Girls, and I think the show is a delight, but I am sure The Rink could be a better overall musical)
Steel Pier >>
Curtains >> (I find both to be solid but unmemorable as scores - I never got to see Steel P, I did see Curtains and it was enjoyable enough)

I still haven't listened to Woman of the Year.

And does The Happy Time not make the list? Or The Act? And does Funny Lady not make the list of their musicals? (I haven't seen or listened to any of them, but I know a song or two from each and they're all good)

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