re: Galati at the Goodman vs. Doyle on Broadway
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 12:24 am EST 12/07/19
In reply to: Galati at the Goodman vs. Doyle on Broadway - DanielVincent 11:55 pm EST 12/06/19

"I can't speak to the production at the Signature, but I saw an earlier incarnation of Galati's production at the Goodman where it was choreographed by Ann Reinking. (I can't recall offhand if she was still attached at Signature.) I thought the show as an overstuffed, overlong mess, struggling to figure out what it wanted to be and careening from one tone to another in moments. I returned to see it on Broadway with some reluctance and was bowled over. I thought Doyle had made a masterpiece of it--both in terms of streamlining the writing and creating a haunting, sparse, visual landscape that matched the darkness at the heart of the story."

Yes, Reinking was still attached at Signature. That production came after Chicago, and perhaps it was more streamlined and focused than its predecessor, but I can only repeat that I thought it was vastly superior to John Doyle's later Broadway production. And it certainly seems that a lot of people agree with me in disliking the Broadway production (at least relatively speaking), as it received very mixed reviews and had a very short run.

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