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''Moulin Rouge and Beetlejuice are succeeding because the public sees them as fun events, not as book shows.''

I'd give a huge amount of credit to Alex Timbers, who directed both ''Beetlejuice'' and ''Moulin Rouge!'' It's his artistic vision that reimagined them as immersive theatrical spectacles. As soon as you step into the Winter Garden or the Al Hirschfeld, Timbers has created an atmosphere of festivity and fun. He doesn't want the audience to be passive spectators; he seeks to stimulate and engage them viscerally. In ''Rocky,'' he reconfigured the seats so the theater could accommodate a boxing ring. In ''Here Lies Love,'' the audience stood on its feet at a disco, while the cast performed on movable platforms around them. With ''Beetlejuice'' and ''Moulin Rouge!,'' Timbers has given his audience an experience they just can't get at home.

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