'Newsies' is extra, extra-exceptional
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''Newsies'' can't be compared to any other Broadway show. It's rare for a box-office bomb (on the big screen) to, two decades later, become a box-office hit on Broadway. It's unique how this Razzie Award-winning flop became a Tony-winning musical. And it's due to its dedicated young following, which originated caught up with ''Newsies'' on video and later on TV. Its young fans would put on unofficial stage versions of ''Newsies.'' Music Theatre International says it was its most requested title for a stage adaptation. And thanks to Alan Menken and Jack Feldman's rousing songs, and Harvey Fierstein, who reworked the story and came up with a 2012 book that was better than the 1992 screenplay, ''Newsies'' succeeded.

On the other hand, it's hard to imagine any home viewers who've been eagerly rooting for a Broadway musical of ''Mrs. Doubtfire'' (or ''Tootsie'').

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