So well said. And credit to Trevor Nunn, too.
Posted by: GrumpyMorningBoy 07:12 am EST 12/07/19
In reply to: Liz Callaway and Linda Balgord - DanielVincent 11:38 pm EST 12/06/19

" It almost seems silly to be ascribing such psychology to the performances given the thinness of the text they have to work with, but it's a testament to each actress, and especially Buckley, that the interpretation comes across so strongly."

So well said. It's pretty jaw-dropping what various Grizabellas have put across within that song. We should probably throw some good credit to Trevor Nunn, who managed to squeeze the tiniest plot out of all of those poems. I roll my eyes at CATS as much as the next guy, despite the fact that I loved it as a teenager, but there's something genuinely haunting in Grizabella's plot line.


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