Berkeley Repertory selling tickets for their filmed shows (plus free BroadwayHD)
Posted by: Kaoru 11:59 pm EDT 03/17/20

I hope other regional theatres can the same thing too.

Berkeley Rep had to shutdown two shows due to COVID-19, but they got agreements from various parties and now offer a ticket ($35) for each show to see the filmed version plus an access to BroadwayHD for two weeks. I wanted to see Culture Crush anyway, so I definitely buy and support the Rep.

"Buy tickets by tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18 at 5pm to CULTURE CLASH (STILL) IN AMERICA or by this Friday, March 20 at 5pm to SCHOOL GIRLS; OR THE AFRICAN MEAN GIRLS PLAY to get access to a filmed version of the production, plus BroadwayHD's full library of 300+ titles for two weeks!"
Link Buy one, get 300+ free!

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