Seeing the show VS. just reading the SCRIPT VS. just listening to the OBC Album
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I'm currently writing a musical where I've got the challenge of trying to make this one amazing moment come alive in the script, recording, and actual staging (visual) without spoon feeding it to the audience. Most of my friends miss this important point when just listening to the recording, but totally get it when they are following along in the script (it hasn't been staged yet). I don't want to underestimate the audience being smart about putting things together, but feel I might need to lean into clearly writing/composing it so when listening to the recording they can't miss it. I sadly realize at this time in history, more people are probably going to listen to the recording than have the opportunity to see it.

Additionally, are there any shows (including plays) you've experienced that you feel are "meh" in the script but a totally different experience LIVE in person? Or a show that has a moment where the director presented it so much more effectively than how it was written in the script and/or what the composer chose to do on the cast recording?

I realize that well-written shows are normally strong across these three elements. Always true? Does the score seem to be the clincher that gels everything together?

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