La Traviata Stream
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This broacast is stunning. I’ve only seen a few of them, but the is the first one that truly serves the theatrical production in the way that it’s filmed. Whereas the Boheme they broadcast earlier this week tried and failed to be a movie, completely robbing us of the ravishing image of the lovers floating amongst the rooftops, this filming always maintains the stage picture. Like NT Live, they appear to have been intentional with the staging of the cameras to capture the staging of the show, and the filming feels like a natural extension of the production itself. I would go so far as to say this production - with is sumptuous color palette, rich fabrics, and dimensional lighting actually looks better, in some ways, on camera than it did from the back of the orchestra.

If this becomes the gold standard for capturing theater, we might not have to travel the world (or make the world travel to us) to see global theater.

Though I could really do without the hosting. Why do I need someone with no apparent gift for being on camera to give me a little cliffhanger narration in the 15 seconds between Acts 1 and 2?

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