Watching FALSETTOS on Broadway HD
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There’s a 7-day free trial for Broadway HD through Amazon-Prime. There are 3 different versions of THE THREE SISTERS (Mashas: Janet Suzman, Suzanne Bertish, and Dame Joan Plowright). There are a few KING LEARs. There’s the very moving Lincoln Center KING AND I with Kelli O’Hara. There’s the sensational KISS ME KATE with Rachel York recorded in London (it’s the revisal that Marin Mazzie opened in New York). A not-so-great but well-sung RUTHLESS (forgive me, but I saw the original Off-Broadway so I compared).

But OH MY GOODNESS!!!! The recording of Lincoln Center’s production of Finn’s FALSETTOS is unbelievably well-performed. The singer-actors are peerless; the direction is frighteningly, incessantly clever; the material is so intricate and smart...it might be more difficult to perform than difficult Sondheim....which just makes it all the more astonishing to see these STARS glide through it effortlessly. Stephanie J Block can do anything, I guess. And stunningly. Borle excellent. Rannells, Brandon, and the Boy. Just SUPERB.
What a treat!!!

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