re: "American Son" on Netflix
Posted by: BHandshy 08:25 pm EDT 03/20/20
In reply to: "American Son" on Netflix - Ann 01:57 pm EDT 03/19/20

I found the Netflix film excruciating. I haven't seen this poor of a play in a long time. I simply don't believe these characters would behave this way in a police station, given the reason they were there. All of the acting was pretty good. God Bless Kerry Washington for trying to make something of that script. Her character is so one-note. I don't believe that Steven Pasquale's character would loose his cool the way his did - again, given what the circumstances were and what he was trying to accomplish. The first half hour or so was particularly painful. And, yeah, when the film started, with just Ms. Washington on stage, I thought, "Wow, she lives in a nice place - I love those cool floor-to-ceiling "view" windows." I was totally confused when I learned it was a police station!

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