Insurance Claims and the Coronavirus
Posted by: Maguire75 11:22 am EDT 03/21/20
In reply to: Broadway shows that closed during previews - mikem 10:46 am EDT 03/21/20

Of course, a huge difference is that most of the shows you mention closed due to insufficient funding (and increasingly obvious realization that the productions themselves were a disaster).

What I'm curious to learn in our current climate is how insurance claims will work as a result of the coronavirus. Historically, there have been a few Broadways hows that closed prematurely that were still able to 'fully recoup' because of insurance claims when a star was injured, etc.

I would guess that similar insurance claims are going to drive the closing of several productions that were either in previews or hadn't opened. If a producer of a show can recoup without ever opening, some may happily take the option - despite the disappointment of a cast who may never get to be able to perform.

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