No Disrespect to Webber
Posted by: Singapore/Fling 12:23 pm EDT 03/21/20
In reply to: re: ALW begging for birthday wishes while leaving PHANTOM cast members to starve - Delvino 07:58 am EDT 03/21/20

I certainly didn't intend my response to be demonizing Webber. I was writing a bit tongue-in-cheek late at night, and did not consider that people might think I was laying blame for this crisis at Webber's feet.

Webber seems like an okay guy. He's done a great deal of economic good for the theater over the years, has historically employed a lot of people as you write, and has shown an admirable resilience throughout his career. And, honestly, a part of me admires how wonderfully shameless he has been in repurposing other people's music as his own. Great artists steal is one of my mottos, lol, and he's certainly done the work to build entire shows out of a handful of found phrases (as did Boublil and Schonberg; there's something to be said for the entire Cameron Mackintosh British Invasion of the 80s being built on the back on Puccini). So, truly, no disrespect to Webber.

The question raised by the OP struck me as provocative (and absurd) in the best way, because it points to our larger crisis of wealth and resource inequality, as well as the way that many companies act as if their employees are their friends and family until it comes time to take care of them financially. With news coming out about the conduct of Lawrence Schwartz and OTG, we should be keeping an eye on major corporations for how they are handling their employees. This isn't about Webber, but it also isn't just about a virus - it's about the state of capitalism in 2020, and how it is failing many in order to serve the few.

Without a deeper insight into what corporations like Disney and RUG are or aren't doing, we can't compare their conduct to that of the many tiny non-profits with razor thin budgets that are committed to paying their staff and creative artists over the next few months. But it's worth continuing to ask the question. In this case, the question was asked poorly, and I responded as much for the fun as for the seriousness, which was my mistake. But the core of the question wasn't wrong.

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