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Posted by: ryhog 02:47 pm EDT 03/21/20
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I am not advocating silence, but I am urging focus. Whatever any one individual (other than one in a position of power) has done, is doing, or might do is a side bar to the things we need to be focused on. To give a less charged example, that none of us probably disagree about, if someone is price gouging, I do not think it is constructive to focus on the individual doing it as opposed to the best way for a society to stop it. Likewise, I don't think ALW's private philanthropic choices have a damn thing to do with the discourse about providing everyone with a safety net at a time like this. That doesn't mean we have to like him, his politics, or his music (or that we can't), but personally I am not interested in solutions that depend on the private generosity of the super-rich.

On the xenophobia, I said "hints" but I am not really keen on dragging that out right now. I just hope that people are mindful of that as a part of the broader awareness I hope we can "learn" (and the need to avoid resorting to scapegoats, as Michael P eloquently states in a post below).

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