Since the Met HD will be showing the whole Ring cycle starting Tuesday for free over 4 days, here's Anna Russell with her famous synopsis
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to give you a head start if you're thinking of finally having the time to take it on. She's really funny, and I'm not making this up, you know! :)

For non-Wagnerites, the Ring is comprised of 4 operas: "Das Rheingold","Die Walkure", "Siegfriend" and "Gotterdammerung". Yes, the last three are really long -- but with subtitles and being shut in at home (and the pause button for breaks), there's really fantastic music in there. At least, you'll know the "Flight of the Valkeries" in "Die Walkure". Ho Yo To Ho, Brunhilde!
Link Anna Russell -- "Wagner's Ring Cycle"

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