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All due respect, you accused me of being disgusting for spreading false information, and then you did not find any false information to back that claim up.

I do appreciate the clarity that referring to someone as belonging to or representing a class is going to earn “well deserved brickbats”, as it gives me a better sense of what rankled you so much. Just to be clear, in case you misunderstood, the class I was referring to was the Executive Class. Perhaps your mind took it somewhere else. But I think it’s completely fair to talk about the Executive Class. I stand behind that, and if anything, your reference to forms of violence makes me feel stronger about having written it. At the same time, I am mindful of what Michael offered elsewhere in this thread, and I’ll be meditating on the tension between those two poles.

Also, to be clear, I never actually wrote that ALW “should be stumping up to save everyone’s hide”. I just wrote that it was a valid question to ask. At the time I responded, I wasn’t really paying enough attention to the OP’s statement - I was more responding to the question about why someone would look to ALW to fund a show and not Sondheim. I made the mistake of thinking that the OP knew what they were writing about, but I didn’t say ALW should actually spend the money. I simply phrased the question of how we would support his workers, and that it was a valid question to ask.

I did make a mistake there. I didn’t do my own research last night, so I was sloppy about how involved RUG is in producing “Phantom”. I should not have said that ALW was the head of that commercial venture, which is where I let us go down the wrong path. Mea culpa on that.

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