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Posted by: NewtonUK 10:06 am EDT 03/22/20
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If a show is planning - or hoping - to re-open when the emergency is over, then this is what happens (This wasnt just a deal with Equity, similar terms are in place for all of the Broadway unions - thats why it took a while). The same rules more or less apply to Broadway tours.

Shutdown week: (Week ending March 15) All employees played full salaries and benefits, with the caveat that salary is capped as 150% of minimum (which would be a max of $3,420 for an actor). Then for the next two weeks, every one gets scale only, moinus add ons like understudy payments, doubling fees, other AFM premiums etc - and all benefits. Then for the next two weeks (thru April 12) Health payments only are made on behalf of employees.

Hiatus until a show reopens: So, the show has not posted a closing notice - they are planning to re-open. When members are called back to work, they go back to the rates that would be in effect during a preview period, until the show re-opens. So no one will be paid for 8-12-16 weeks - how could they? Although a really flush production could do more, of course, if they chose.

What if they subsequently close before the emergency ends? Well - the show is technically still open, so one weeks notice would have to be paid. The two weeks payment already made counts as an advance against that one week's pay for closing ... you might think thats double dipping - but its not.

Productions that close: I may have missed one, but as far as I know only HANGMEN and VIRGINIA WOOLF have posted closing. So all the other shows have taken the new deal, and a can still close later before reopening. For shows/Tours that close now, they may choose
to pay full salaries for the week they were shut down by emergency, and one week's full salary for posting closing without one week's notice - no show had time to post one weeks notice, of course.

So that it will cost a show more, short term, to close, than to stay open under the League agreement. I would imagine that for almost every Broadway show and tour, one week's salary on contractual basis fo all unions, is significantly more than two weeks at minimum, without all the bells and whistles as add ons.

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