Lucy Mame questions and thoughts
Posted by: AnObserver 12:19 pm EDT 03/23/20

In the movie MAME (on TCM yesterday) Beauregard (Robert Preston) has a song soon after the title tune. When was that song written? Was it a trunk song? I found out recently that "Love Is Only Love" performed by Streisand in the movie HELLO, DOLLY was cut from the stage musical version of MAME.

For the movie MAME, was "That's How Young I Feel" filmed and then cut? Or not filmed at all?

MAME the movie certainly is a good-looking movie. Lucy's just wrong, poor dear. Think of the other movies from that year: THE GODFATHER, PART II, CHINATOWN, THE PARALLAX VIEW, ALICE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE, MURDER ON ORIENT EXPRESS, THE LONGEST YARD, BLAZING SADDLES, THE CONVERSATION, THE TOWERING INFERNO, LENNY, THE GREAT GATSBY, THE NIGHT PORTER, THE ODESSA FILE, FOXY BROWN, EARTHQUAKE. It's hard to imagine the concept of a "Mame" would matter much any more, although THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT! was a hit. In retrospect, now MAME looks - not necessarily sounds - like another well-crafted Hollywood product, but more 50s than 70s.

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