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Posted by: BruceinIthaca 12:52 pm EDT 03/23/20
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I agree about "That's How Young I Feel." My memory from a stage version I saw decades ago is that it requires pretty spirited dancing from Mame--and the lyrics might have underscored just how old Lucy was for the role. Also, adding a solo for Beau (it's the best part of the movie, IMO) perhaps required elimination of a song for time's sake.

I remember seeing the movie when it opened--my friends and I were excited--we were in high school and knew the OBC inside and out, as well as the non-musical film with Russell. I think the directorial hand was heavy and, at the same time, so anonymous that the whole thing thudded. The lighting and color schemes felt drab throughout and even performances that were delightful on vinyl (Arthur and Connell) felt plodding on film. The Louise Brooks hairdo for Arthur was particularly awful--I don't know if that was a carry-over from the stage (where it might have worked), but it made her look like one of the saddest drag queens ever. And Lucy, a comic genius in a very different mode, just delivered the witty ripostes with all the timing of the worst community theatre (not the best, who probably did just fine) actress being fed line readings by a director.

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