''Whiskey Chicken''
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''Whiskey Chicken'' was a comedy-drama set in San Francisco's Chinatown in 1957. It was about a crusty, alcoholic father who tried to rule the roost while everyone else in his family was rebelling against him. Dennis Dun (''The Last Emperor,'' ''Big Trouble in Little China'') starred, and Drama-Logue critic A.J. Esta awarded it the prize for Best Play in 1990. ''Whiskey Chicken'' became AATC's biggest commercial hit in its then-17 seasons, but as far as I know, the theater's been long defunct. Before that S.F. production, David Henry Hwang dramaturged an early version of it when I took his playwriting workshop. When I saw him in 2018, he recalled the play and said: ''It was very funny. You should get it done again or sell it as a TV pilot.''

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