Our own COVID-19 Update
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Posted by: T.B._Admin. (TBAdmin@talkinbroadway.com) 09:33 am EDT 03/25/20

First off, thanks to everyone for continuing to visit and chat about theatre subjects old and new.

Our revenue is down by about 80%, but we're financially good, and as long as people keep visiting and chatting and reading, we should come out of this just fine.

A personal thanks to someone who did some of their grocery shopping through our Amazon link yesterday - it works for everything. Just click on any of our Amazon links (always on the Shoppin' board, plus in all Sound Advice updates and pages, of course). And a short link is below (you can copy it and use it later, but bookmarking when you get there won't work for future visits). And please note, we cannot see any information about the buyers, just a list of items ordered/shipped.

We are in the continuous process of updating On the Boards and the regional schedules with postponements and cancellations. Until we update some coding, please note on The Boards, "Opening" may actually mean "resuming performances."

We also continue to urge those you can, to contribute to the working theatre community who are now without jobs, and who may have continuing as well as new health concerns, not to mention financial ones.

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and The Actors Fund are two big ones, but also Off-, Off-Off, and regional theatre companies. We're doing what we can, both personally and as a company.

Chat on.
Link https://amzn.to/2WOOs7E

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