Liza's "Live Alone And Like It" - all Sondheim?
Posted by: Beuks (davidbeukema@gmail.com) 12:21 pm EDT 03/25/20

I've been listening to a lot of Sondheim while staying home this week, and a curiosity has popped up. Liza Minnelli sang "Live Alone and Like It" in her 1992 Radio City concerts, but some of the lyrics I have never heard in any other recording of the song. In the link I've attached, Liza sings the usually heard lyrics from 0:57 to 2:20 - everything else seems new. Did Sondheim write her additional lyrics? Or was this perhaps special material added in by Kander and Ebb or other songwriters? The CD credits just Sondheim, but I thought if anyone would know the scoop, it would be here.

Hope everyone is safe and healthy!
Link Liza - Live Alone and Like It

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