Jeopardy tonight: "Short Runs on Broadway" (spoilers)
Posted by: TimDunleavy 07:31 pm EDT 03/25/20

Based on a Stephen King novel, this ’88 musical featured a high school dance to remember but closed after only 5 performances.

Shuttered after only 6 shows, “Into the Light” is about a physicist seeking the truth about this fabled burial cloth of Jesus.

A sequel to this musical, “Bring Back Birdie” closed after 4 shows but still earned Chita Rivera a Tony nomination.

“Bobbi Boland”, meant to be a star vehicle for this late Charlie’s Angel, never opened, closing after 7 previews.

“La Strada”, based on this director’s film, starred a young Bernadette Peters & said arreviderci after one show.

*The contestants got all of them right - except the $2000, which nobody rang in on.

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