i don't see why it shouldn't at least have a limited run revival at MTC...
Posted by: Chazwaza 02:20 pm EDT 03/26/20
In reply to: re: I think LVC is dated. - BruceinIthaca 10:49 am EDT 03/26/20

It doesn't have to be set out to sail for a long commercial run. I'm sure ther are more than enough people who would like to see a major production of it again, dated or not.

The Boys in the Band is even more dated, that didn't stop a full scale commercial Broadway revival AND a new film of it based on that revival. Both are gay plays from the past, but are dated, both are still relevant and majorly important in the canon of gay plays... and both have films.

I would certainly buy a ticket for a revival of L! V! C!

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