re: I think LVC is dated.
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 07:41 pm EDT 03/26/20
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For those who think it's okay for someone to write critically about the play even in the immediate wake of McNally's death, and at this awful time, read on, but those who consider that inappropriate might not want to.

While I completely disagree that the play is "dated," and I don't even understand what anyone could mean by describing it that way, I've always had a strong dislike for L!V!C! overall, for several reasons. First of all, I think the tone and style of the play keeps shifting wildly, from a scene of everyone standing there and singing a song directly to the audience to scenes that are (or are meant to be) much more realistic. I find the device of the twins, one a saint and the other evil, extremely heavy handed and obvious -- again, those characters might be fine in a play that was more stylized in general and didn't consist mostly of scenes that are meant to represent real people in a real world. On that same note, I see most of the characters as constructs rather than anything that resembles actual human beings, and I've always despised that moment when one of the characters expresses his anger with another by seriously threatening to shove his hand into a garbage disposal. I would describe almost all of the nudity in the show as gratuitous, and I've always been bothered by the fact that, in my opinion, the inclusion of so much nudity was the primary reason for the play's success.

Finally, I was very surprised when someone here wrote that his initial viewing of L!V!C! left him hopeful, in comparison to his initial experience of THE BOYS IN THE BAND, which left him frightened. Even if someone doesn't see all the flaws in the writing of the play that I see, I can't imagine how one could come out of it with an overall feeling of hope, considering the fact that there is so much awful behavior by the characters in it to counteract the relatively few moments of love, valo(u)r, and compassion.

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