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Posted by: hugoP 10:59 pm EDT 03/26/20
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Oh, there was so much wrong with this film. I had high hopes for it, given the extraordinary cast (I'm fans of 'em all), the great subject material, and the fact that Rob Marshall had also done great work with both CHICAGO (on film) and ANNIE (on television).

But, oh...so many bad choices. Daniel Day Lewis is a brilliant actor, but he doesn't have the little-boy-inside-a-man vulnerability and charisma that I associate with Guido. I was hoping Banderas would have been cast, given how great he was on stage. And I could go on and on...it was presented as a sort of parade of famous females, without any flesh and blood characters, and (strangely) without any poignance or pathos or earthiness. The "Be Italian" number, which Marshall staged as if it were NINE's answer to "Cell Block Tango", is Exhibit A in going at this all wrong.

And the power of the stage production-- at least to me-- was in bringing it all back to this child-man trying really hard to embrace being an adult man. And it's just not in the movie. I think Marshall thought the Fellini movie he was adapting was LA DOLCE VITA, not 8 1/2.

And now we'll never see NINE done on film. Unless Ryan Murphy decides he wants a chance at it.

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