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"It took a lot of transforming to turn 8 1/2 into a viable musical stage piece - I think both (meaning the Fellini film and the Yeston musical) are brilliant in their own way, but are also very much their own thing, ideally suited to their different media. I never liked the idea of a film of Nine. It would have been nice to have a filmed version of a stage production, but to translate the musical into a film all its own was never a great idea to begin with."

Excellent points. If you look at the stage script of NINE, and the original production, you can see that there was a great effort -- and a very successful one -- to adapt the story for presentation in a highly theatrical way, rather than cinematic. The first obvious example of that comes right at the top, with Guido's long musical soliloquy. There MIGHT have been a way to translate that successfully to the screen, but I don't think that was achieved in the Marshall film.

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