Javier Bardem....and Harvey Weinstein
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 10:16 am EDT 03/27/20
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Does everyone remember that Javier Bardem was actually set to play Guido in the movie of NINE, but bowed out? And.....get this:

"Oscar winner Javier Bardem has bowed out of starring as Guido Contini in Rob Marshall's forthcoming film version of NINE, according to Variety. Citing exhaustion from work and awards season, Bardem had asked that filming be delayed until next winter, a request producer Harvey Weinstein could not grant. 'Javier personally asked me if we could move production to February, but we just couldn't do it,' Weinstein told Variety. 'He is an amazing talent and I know we'll work together in the future, very soon.'"
Link Javier Bardem Reportedly Bows Out of Nine Musical Film

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