Tony baloney (with David Bologna)
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''I believe Bologna did an even split in the role with Frank Dolce, so he only did 4 performances a week. He may be the only Tony nominee to be nominated for a scheduled run of fewer than 6 performances a week.''

I really thought the Tony nominators blundered with their rulings on ''Billy Elliot: The Musical.'' I still don't believe they should've allowed three boys - David Alvarez, Trent Kowalik and Kiril Kulish - to share one Tony nomination for Best Actor in a Musical. Especially since that meant they were competing against adult actors who did all 8 performances. (I also happened to see ''Billy Elliot'' three times and didn't think they were equally good actors or dancers.) If the Tonys wanted to reward these kids, they could've given them a special collective honor.

The Tonys weren't even consistent. David Bologna and Frank Dolce split their role as Michael, so why did only Bologna get a Tony nomination?

Dolce did more performances a week than Alvarez, Kowalik and Kulish, yet those three got nominated and even won. It set a bad precedent.

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