re: Tony baloney (with David Bologna)
Posted by: mikem 05:56 pm EDT 03/27/20
In reply to: Tony baloney (with David Bologna) - WaymanWong 05:09 pm EDT 03/27/20

The Tonys should never have allowed voters to vote for the three of them as a group without voters having seen all three performances. The Tonys insist that every voter has to see every nominee in a category, but then they made an enormous exception here.

I personally saw one of the three, and while he was a great dancer and a competent actor, Tony winners should not be just competent. No knock against the actor, who did not create the system, and who gave a satisfying performance, but it was by far the worst Tony-winning acting I have personally ever seen.

At least they learned something by the time Matilda came around. I don't think the Tonys would allow actors in the same role to be lumped into one nomination again.

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