Metropolitan Playhouse Goes Online, Reading "He Said and She Said"
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Metropolitan Playhouse Goes Online


by Alice Gerstenberg Metropolitan Virtual Playhouse brings a play from 1917 through the means of the 21st century

March 28, 2020 at 7 PM

Obie Award winner Metropolitan Playhouse will present a stage reading of Alice Gerstenberg's short one-act, HE SAID AND SHE SAID, via live stream video on Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 7 PM.

Viewers may reach the video by following this link: https://zoom.us/j/946314095?pwd=Z1lPR2ErY2J3Q0Q1T3dlVjNuMGYrdz09 or by visiting www.metropolitanplayhouse.org/virtualplayhouse

The reading will inaugurate a virtual playhouse series during the period of social distancing. The reading of one of Alice Gerstenberg's short play will be the first experiment with online programing for the theater, known for its intimate stagings of American historical drama.

Set against the backdrop of the Great War, HE SAID AND SHE SAID is a short, 15 minute play about suspicions, misunderstandings and meddling among a three women and one man, involving two true loves, one alleged affair, and an infinity of malicious gossips. When a loyal husband and wife hear insinuations that their dearest unmarried friend has turned her sights from her young man overseas and is now set on breaking up their happy home, friendships foreign and domestic are strained to the breaking point.

Metropolitan's experimental streaming is directed by the theater's artistic director, ALEX ROE, and features KELLY COOPER (Thunder Rock, End of Summer, A Man's World), TERESA KELSEY (Thunder Rock, Poor of New York, A Marriage Contract, Deep Are the Roots), ERIN BEIRNARD (Shadow of Heroes, End of Summer), ALYSSA SIMON (The Climbers, Icebound), and JOHN LONG (The Poor of New York, Alison's House). .

ALICE GERSTENBERG (1885 - 1972) was an actress and playwright from Chicago, best known for her ground breaking, feminist dramas, and her promotions of the Little Theater movement. Best known for OVERTONES (1913) and THE POT BOILER (1923)--both of which are planned for later online readings by Metropolitan--her comedic plays skewer social norms and gender types, while they include meta-theatrical staging experiments and sly critiques of theater and artistic practice. Ms. Gerstenberg was also a champion of regional theater, non-commercial theater, and new writing for local audiences.

METROPOLITAN's VITRUAL PLAYHOUSE series is will offer readings and reflections via the internet during the extended period of sequestration obliged by the COVID-19 pandemic. The playhouse is honored and fortunate to be able to continue its mission of exploring America's diverse theatrical history during these trying times. The presentation of the forgotten plays of Alice Gerstenberg is an ideal way to pursue the theater's mission and extend its current season, devoted to plays and themes of DISSENT.

METROPOLITAN PLAYHOUSE, in its 28th season, explores America’s diverse theatrical heritage through lost plays of the past and new plays of American historical and cultural moment. The theater received a 2011 OBIE Grant from The Village Voice for its ongoing productions that illuminate who we are by revealing where we have come from. Called "invaluable" by the Voice and Backstage, Metropolitan has earned further accolades from The New York Times and The New Yorker. Other awards include a Victorian Society of New York Outstanding Performing Arts Group, 3 Aggie Awards from Gay City News, 21 nominations for NYIT Awards (3 winners), and 6 AUDELCO Viv Award nominations.

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