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Posted by: Singapore/Fling 09:18 pm EDT 03/27/20
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The loss of production isn’t the worst news for nonprofits, though how much of a hit each theater takes depends partly on how much money they have already spent/are committed to spending on artists and production costs. The bigger threat to nonprofits right now is that the federal government has shown very little interest in providing stimulus money for artists and institutions; many companies have had to cancel their annual galas, which is when they tend to make the most money; and there is concern as to how much foundations and individual donors can be counted on when markets are plunging and businesses are closed. Add to that the question of how much people will be allowed to congregate until we have a vaccine, and there is a lot of cause for nonprofits to be concerned.

So far, nonprofits in New York are showing great fortitude to continue paying staff and artists, but we’re all anticipating the bottom to fall out.

As for MTC - um, hell yeah, they’re going to cancel. Their only choice in this matter is when to announce it - we’re all under orders to quarantine and maintain six feet distance from others until further notice.

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