Gloriously, horribly, never, ever done, but your dream fantasy miscasting
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All right, folks. I'm not really talking people who were really miscast and were bad, boring or even surprisingly ok or even better. I'm looking for responses that are downright wacky and might have even subverted the meaning of the entire show and put the whole enterprise out of whack.

To start, Ethel Merman as "Sweet Charity". She'd have belted (with her voice and her fists even) poor Oscar to kingdom come and been all over the other girls to share their tips and dance tickets with her, while saying she could just leave and go back to being a stenographer. Charity might have been based on a streetwalker but no one walks over Ethel!

Runner up, and it's opera, but Merman as Santuzza, who has been left excommunicated, pregnant and abandoned by her lover Turridu in "Cavalleria Rusticana". I can just hear Merman belting out "No, No, Turri--(added appoggiatura) -du!!!! while pouring a plate of spaghetti marinara made by Mamma Lucia a la Dolores Gray in the film "Designing Woman" in his lap. For starters!

Have some fun! If this thread catches on, maybe we can do one on real miscastings that turned out to have worked out pretty darn well (or just really turned out as bad as they sounded like they would be).

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