She toured in both (Was responding to your pre-edit post)
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She played Eliza in a stock tour of Pygmalion in 1953, with Philip Bourneuf as Higgins, Frederic Worlock as Pickering, and Bramwell Fletcher as Doolittle. Fletcher, who a few years later would be the standby for Higgins in My Fair Lady for several years (playing vacations and going on at other times), also directed. In 1963, she toured in The Millionairess. The idea was that it would then go to Broadway, co-produced by her husband and the Theatre Guild, which had earlier produced the play with Katharine Hepburn. Other actors in the Channing production included John McMartin, David Hurst, Gene Wilder, Estelle Parsons, and Eugene Roche. Gene Saks directed.

She got good reviews in both.

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