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Posted by: ryhog 11:47 am EDT 07/23/20
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"As for audience, that is different. But it might be “attend at your own risk” strategy."

New York would never allow a large public assembly on that basis. This is why all of what folks are talking about/planning for/writing lengthy guides about is meaningless. There will be no Broadway until it is objectively safe. Will that be in time for shows in the Spring? Maybe, though I doubt it, even if we have approved vaccines or effective treatments by then. Unlike some other shows that could possibly believe that enough people in the Northeast would buy tickets to make the show viable, The Music Man is premised on ticket sales (many extant) from all over the country. Right now, you are not entitled to visit New York without quarantining for 14 days upon arrival. Are you prepared to buy a ticket (show or plane) on the assumption this will be lifted? (Even if you are, do you honestly think enough people will?) This is the key to viability.

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