StubHub?? No offense but I’m laughing a little right now.
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Telecharge (and by extension Scott Rudin) are facing an unprecedented situation - namely a possibly endless number of ticket refund and exchange requests, which are all but certain to be honored. And, in fact, would almost need to be, as there is now precedent for this during the first few weeks of March, and during the first shutdown, when they refunded tickets for May and June (after the first projected re-opening date) for nearly any legitimate reason: fear of going to the theater then, uncertainty about health, doubts about ability to travel, etc.

That’s why it’s so ridiculous for them to insist that previous ticket holders have a “deadline”, whether last night, next month, December 31st., or next Easter, to “lock in” their tickets for their “new dates”. Such a requirement assumes a) that everyone has gotten the communication from them, b) everyone knows now what the state of the virus will be by 10-to-18 months from now, and c) that everyone knows whether they’ll be healthy enough and, for that matter, as others have said, allowed by law to travel.

But it also pre-supposes that their automatically changing the terms of purchase and unilaterally rebooking patrons for a date that will be about 10 months after the date they purchased tickets for, and in some cases 2 years from the date of the actual original purchase (when tickets were first advertised), is enforceable in any way as a “final sale”. By any measure of consumer-advocate laws, it’s not. So even if Telecharge hadn’t already been issuing Covid-related refunds this past spring, they’d almost certainly have to under these circumstances this time.

That’s why it’s so silly that shows like Music Man and Plaza Suite are even selling tickets at all, let alone trying to dictate new rules and demands predicated on their automatically switching ticket dates to hold on to people’s money if at all possible. I obviously understand why they’re doing it, because it’s easier not to cancel indefinitely and obviously preferable not to return people’s money. (And those are arguably the only two new shows that were hot enough tickets to even attempt such a policy without mass revolt.). But this is also why movie theaters haven’t put tickets on sale for James Bond or Tenet or Wonder Woman or any of the new movies supposedly being released later this year, whose release dates keep getting pushed farther and farther back... because the movie theaters don’t want to deal with what Broadway has been, namely the hassle of hundreds of thousands of sales and then later refunds. At this point all these target dates are aspirational at best, and delusional magical thinking at worst.

So ultimately, if Telecharge were to refuse a refund next year for any of the reasons they already granted refunds last spring, and under a set of new terms that audiences never agreed to (never clicking a button that indicated they accepted their new date as a final sale with “no refunds, no exchanges”), patrons could simply call their credit card companies and let them fight it out for them. And under all these circumstances, that’s a fight I know for a fact that Telecharge and the producers would lose.

And that’s why I’ll be surprised if anyone will need to put their tickets up on StubHub. If there’s a vaccine, the show will go on and audiences will attend. If there isn’t, either it’ll be canceled, or postponed again, or Telecharge will be issuing the same refunds they did, to anyone who asked, in the weeks last spring before Broadway closed down.

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