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Posted by: Quicheo 09:28 am EDT 07/24/20
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Just a couple of quick notes and I agree this is not the place for a wide ranging discussion:

--If you get vaccinated, you will have SOME immunity against the virus, but that immunity may not be perfect or complete. The measles vaccine is one of the best and it gives around 97% immunity. That is good enough to get us over the threshold of preventing an outbreak or epidemic, but it does not confer complete protection to an individual in the way, say, slow exposure to Iocaine powder would in a contest against a Sicilian.

--The mask wearing thing seems to slow transmission in the general population and science is still mixed on why. It may be by catching and allowing the droplets to dry without being inhaled (which would be more effective on outgoing droplets than incoming droplets). It may change the direction of airflow for airborne virus away from other people. It may psychologically remind people to distance. But whatever is happening, several studies have shown that areas where people are using masks, infection is going down. What is germane to our collective interest here, though, is the sad fact that the longer people are in the same area and close to each other, the less effective masks are. At 15 - 30 minutes, some studies show that mask usage is of much less or no help.

--Mask usage is much like the hand washing / not touching face directives--it will not completely stop the spread, but it is a simple, non-invasive thing we can do to slow the spread and it's all we have right now.

--Also, estimates suggest that if 50% of the population were able to be somewhat immune to the virus, the pandemic would end.

(I'm a doctor, BTW, but that only gives me some background and context--the data are expanding every day, as you, ryhog, point out below.)

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