re: Trouble at A.R.T./NY
Posted by: singleticket 12:37 pm EDT 07/24/20
In reply to: Trouble at A.R.T./NY - Jackson 10:46 am EDT 07/24/20

I think non-profit cultural organizations are finding out, along with our mayors and governors, that anti-racism is now the center of the US culture war and striking anti-racist poses is not going to be good enough. I wonder if a lot of white led non-profits will survive this moment. Funders are scarce and it's hard to find non-white funders to fund primarily POC initiated work. Those organizations that are trying to change in good faith should be supported.

I like term BIPOC in that it links Black and Indigenous sturggles but I'm wary of adopting it to the extent that I've seen a lot of theater commentators doing so. One of the criticisms that Black and Indigenous communities had with POC was that they felt they were being errased within the wide designation of People of Color. I can see other communities, Latinx, Asian-American, feeling the same way about BIPOC.

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