re: Amalia's vocal demands in "She Loves Me"
Posted by: jjhbb340 11:28 am EDT 07/25/20
In reply to: re: Amalia's vocal demands in "She Loves Me" - lowwriter 10:10 am EDT 07/25/20

Totally agree! I was lucky enough to see the final performance at Studio 54 (after numerous other visits ) and even Sheldon Harnick said it was his favorite production at the curtain call! I was shocked at the Tonys that year too,especially by Gavin Creel's not even being nominated. Benanti was never better,Levi was wonderful and Krakowski gave such a fresh interpretation of Ilona. AND Scott Ellis, always being disparaged on this site,performed his usual magic bringing new life to musical revivals. Can never understand the lack of love for him!.....so happy this was filmed to live forever!

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