'She Loves Me': Grand seeing it again
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I've always adored ''She Loves Me,'' thanks to its brilliant Bock and Harnick score, and I can't imagine a more rewarding revival than the Roundabout's in 2016. I caught it a couple of times on Broadway, and thank goodness, it was impeccably preserved for Broadway HD. In fact, it might be one of my favorite filmed versions of a stage musical ever. The expert camera work and the use of closeups is so artful.

As for its rebroadcast on PBS, it really lives up to the title of ''Great Performances.'' Everyone in the cast was a gem, led by Zachary Levi and Laura Benanti, who were letter perfect as the pen pals Georg and Amalia. His joyous solo of ''She Loves Me'' was a terrific turn, complete with a cartwheel, and her ''Vanilla Ice Cream'' was so meltingly beautiful. But what really made this love story sing and soar was Levi and Benanti's romantic and comic chemistry. Their delightful scenes at the restaurant and in Amalia's bedroom were Tony-caliber master classes in musical theater.
Link Talkin' Broadway: Zachary Levi ('She Loves Me') talks about Tonys, Tom Hanks and 'Hamilton'

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