A Chorus Line reunion on Stars in the House
Posted by: Ann 10:40 am EDT 07/26/20

Wow, this was really fascinating. I am not an expert on this show by any means (though it was the first Broadway show I ever saw, if a tour counts, as I saw the first national tour in Cleveland, from the last row, and when they came out at the end in identical costumes ... my jaw dropped), so some things interesting to me may be very familiar to others. In attendance: Donna McKechnie, Baayork Lee, Ron Dennis, Kay Cole, Robert LuPone, Nancy Lane, Trish Garland.

I'm not sure there's a time limit on the YouTube version, but I don't think so (also to be on their Sirius show, plus a "part two" with Fran Liebergall, who was unable to work out the tech aspect, I think.
Link On YouTube

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