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The wonderful, beautiful and talented Olivia de Havilland's big break came in theater, when she was seen as Hermia in a Los Angeles production of Max Reinhardt's "A Midsummer Night's Dream. I believe that she was first cast as the 2nd understudy, but lead actress Gloria Stuart and the 1st understudy left before it opened. She impressed Max Reinhardt and was cast in his truly wonderful 1935 film alongside James Cagney as Bottom, a very young Mickey Rooney as Puck and others, and her career took off.

Ms. de Havilland is also famous for having taken on the studio system and winning; the de Havilland Law is on the books. After her friend Bette Davis tried and failed to sue the system, de Havilland's suit alleged that a studio couldn't keep her or anyone tied to a 7-year contract and couldn't stop the clock on them if they were suspended and then add that time to the end of it. She still had fight in her as a centenarian, a few years ago suing (though losing this time) since she didn't like the way the writing portrayed her in the tv series "Feud: Bette [Davis] and Joan [Crawford]" when she was portrayed by Catherine Zeta-Jones. Of course, Ms. de Havilland had her own famous feud with her sister Joan Fontaine.

For musicals connection, of course, her film "The Light in the Piazza" was the basis for the musical of the same name. Plus, there was a Harold Rome musical of her most famous film "Gone With The Wind". One of her 2 Oscar wins "The Heiress" was, of course, first a play.

Rest in peace, Ms. de Havilland. Hope you meet up with your frequent co-star and crush Errol Flynn who you outlived by more than 60 years. Your beauty and talent is there on the screen for the ages.

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