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Posted by: fredfrankg (fredfrankg427@gmail.com) 07:37 pm EDT 07/26/20
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To Ann (and all),

I am a quasi expert on the subject, if for no other reason than that it is still THE show that knocked me on my ass in August of '75, and nothing ever came close. During the original run, I saw the show no less than 13 times. Often, I went standing room, on the right aisle, for $10. Of course, the balcony in 1975 was only $8 (!!!).

Stars in the House was great, and once again, bravo to James and Seth for their fundraising tenacity, dedication, and heart. But to get a better idea of the genesis of ACL, check out Rick McKay's excellent follow up to his brilliant Bway: The Golden Age. It's a half hour or 40 minutes, and solely about how these dancers got together. It wasn't Michael Bennett's baby in the beginning. In the early 70s, Broadway dying. While most of you think of summertime as a boom for Broadway musicals, back then summer meant there were as few as 12 shows running on Broadway. Big musicals were getting smaller and smaller. Those dancers/gypsies were worried about their futures and were looking to create a rep company/non-profit that looked out for the best interests of dancers to not only keep them employed, but how to survive when and/or if they were no longer dancing. They planned to meet New Years going into 1974. But then, Michael Bennett got wind of this meeting (he probably wasn't "invited," as he already had it made as a choreographer/director, following Seesaw). But he arrived, with his muse/future wife, Donna M., and the rest is ACL history. Years later, when ACL was the smash it was, Bennett and his attorneys had each cast member sign away their rights to any profits of the show by signing a document, earning $1 in the process. It's been a bone of contention for many people, but that wouldn't have come up during this program.

At any rate, we're all richer for ACL, and I hope you enjoyed seeing all these folks as much as I did. I only wanted to see and hear more!!

Stay well and safe. x

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