re: this got me googling Pulitzer winners... question
Posted by: AlanScott 08:15 pm EDT 07/26/20
In reply to: re: this got me googling Pulitzer winners... question - davei2000 07:37 pm EDT 07/26/20

Just did a bit of research trying to find the history.

Here's what I found: It opened at Yale on November 27, 1987, and then it went to the Huntington (part of the original plan), where it opened on January 9, 1988. Charles Dutton was not in it at Yale but he joined the cast for the Huntington run. It opened at the Goodman in January 1989. In May 1989, it opened at the Old Globe. In January 1990, it opened at the James A. Doolittle in Los Angeles. Revisions were made along the way, with the ending we know apparently not being there till the Doolittle, by which time it was scheduled to go from there to Broadway.

Early reviews, including Frank Rich's review of the Yale production, said that it was very promising but needed work.

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