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Posted by: AlanScott 08:25 pm EDT 07/26/20
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In the scene after "Together," she comes out to give Rose the letters that the girls have written to their parents (asking for money). She announces that now that she's an actress, her name is Amanda. Then she asks Herbie, "Herbie . . . do you think we'll ever work again?" Then she sees Louise's discarded blonde wig, which Louise offers her, prompting her to say, "Gee, I always wanted to be a blonde." Rose snaps, "Then get some peroxide and a toothbrush. Wigs are expensive." Which leads to the Hollywood Blondes idea, and then the scene ends with the "Together" tag. I forget what they do there in the film. So it also helps to set up Agnes as the Hollywood Blonde whom Louise sort of takes under her wing and trusts to help out.

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