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I loved ''My One and Only'' and wished it had won Best Musical (for 1983, NOT 1993!), instead of ''Cats.'' That said, I rarely listen to the cast album.

Tho' it's chockfull of delightful Gershwin tunes, what knocked me out was visual: Tommy Tune and Thommie Walsh's Tony-winning choreography.

I love ''Kickin' the Clouds Away,'' which they did on the 1983 Tony Awards (link below).

On YouTube, you also can find a clip of Tommy Tune and Twiggy making a splash in a trough of water, dancing to ''S Wonderful.'' Also on YouTube, there's a clip of Tune and Charles ''Honi'' Coles, both Tony winners for this show, doing a terrific tap duet to the title tune, filmed on ''Merv Griffin.''
Link 'Kickin' the Clouds Away' from 'My One and Only'

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