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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 04:40 pm EDT 07/27/20
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I'm sure many people are going to disagree, but in my opinion, Sondheim's letter was in response to what the creative team and Audra had said themselves about major changes they were going to make in PORGY AND BESS that could be considered beyond reinterpretation, veering well into what could be considered rewriting without the consent of the creators, all of whom are deceased. For that reason, I think Sondheim's comments were completely valid -- he was not prejudging an actual performance of the production, he was expressing his opinion on the changes in the work itself that the creators were planning to make, as they had expressed in quite a bit of detail in interviews for the New York Times article.

As I've said in the past, I would have less of a problem with revisals that make radical changes to the original work if the works were re-titled -- for example, if the recent OKLAHOMA! had been re-titled OKLAHOMA! REVISITED, or if the recent WEST SIDE STORY had been re=titled ANOTHER WEST SIDE STORY. So, all joking aside, if the production of PORGY AND BESS in question had been re-titled DIANE PAULUS' AND SUZAN LORI-PARKS' PORGY AND BESS, that would have been far better than THE GERSHWINS' PORGY AND BESS -- which, as Sondheim and others have pointed out, is inaccurate anyway. (And yes, I am aware that this title had been applied to the work years before the Paulus-Parks production.)

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